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Michael Braungart & William McDonough win prestigious WorldGBC David Gottfried Award

Dr. Michael Braungart and William McDonough have been awarded the prestigious WorldGBC David Gottfried Global Green Building Entrepreneurship Award for their unique, innovative and entrepreneurial contribution to the global green building movement.

Tai Lee Siang, WorldGBC’s Chairman, honoured the two individuals at a special ceremony in Jaipur, India. The WorldGBC’s David Gottfried Award recognises individuals whose contributions have been particularly pioneering, displaying an entrepreneurism that has helped to transform or advance the green building mission. Braungart and McDonough were chosen as this year’s winners for their unique approach to a business-led green building strategy. In particular, the pair were praised for their 2002 book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, which strongly advocated for Cradle to Cradle approaches within businesses to design products which eliminate the concept of waste, use clean energy, value clean water and healthy ecosystems. About the green building movement Dr. Braungart said: "We need an architecture that celebrates the human footprint, buildings in which the air is better than outside and which clean the water and the air, just like trees."


"The need for true innovation has never been more profound then now. We are capable of creating high-quality circular alternatives which are beneficial for humans and nature. If the future can be positive, why choose differently?"

Michael Braungart


Current Events


Challenge – more sustainable chemistry in the supply chain for leather products (Darmstadt, Germany)

With the “Sustainable Development Goal” (SDG) 12 “Sustainable Consumption and Production”, subgoal 4, the United Nations aim to achieve environmentally sound use of chemicals throughout its life cycle and significantly reduce the release of chemicals into the air, water and soil.
At the same time, consumers demand information about the (eco) toxicological safety of products, but also about the working conditions at the production sites. The recent debates on chemicals management in textile supply chains (“detox”) are slowly expanding to the area of leather products (for example, shoes and clothing, furniture, automotive equipment).

The resulting social demands pose considerable challenges to the players in the leather supply chains (including manufacturers of leather chemistry, the leather industry incl. tanneries, brands and retailers). It turns the question of whether mass-market alternatives to existing “leather chemicals” (eg, chrome-based tanning processes, PFCs for finishing) are needed, or whether the challenge is primarily to ensure the proper use of existing chemicals in supply chains.
The aim of the workshop is to approach a common understanding of the challenges in global leather value chains. In addition to technical questions, this also deals with issues relevant to social science and politics, such as the transparent design of supply chains, including the possibility of consumers being able to make informed consumer decisions.

Prof. Dr. Braungart will give an impulse lecture during the first session (11-13 hrs).

Language: German


Building Green Oslo

Building Green is a knowledge-sharing platform. It is the perfect place for change makers in the sustainable building and construction industry to share information, ideas and inspiration with property owners, architects, city planners, constructors, contractors and entrepreneurs. The best actors in the industry come together to discuss and showcase their take on sustainable solutions. Join the event and rethink building and the built environment when we launch the first Building Green event in Oslo.

Norway is in many ways a front runner when it comes to sustainability. The Norwegian building industry shows great examples of environmentally friendly buildings which bring added value to the local area and its residents. This is the perfect time to launch Building Green in Oslo as the city has won the European Green Capital Award for 2019.

The event is both an exhibition of sustainable products and solutions as well as a platform for knowledge-sharing with international keynote speakers, relevant debates, idea pitching and much more.

The programme will focus on:

Quality of life in buildings – indoor climate, light and healthy architecture • Landscaping and public space – life between buildings • Social sustainability • Sustainable resources and circular economy • Innovation and technology • Beauty in buildings

EPEA CEO Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will hold a keynote about Cradle to Cradle in the building sector at 13.50h. Language: English


New Business Models 2018 - In search of a new way of doing business

Increasing digitalization, limited resources, climate change, migration waves – constant changes in our living conditions determine the future environment in which companies have to assert themselves. New business models are needed that are innovative but responsible and sustainable.

We invite company representatives from Germany and abroad to jointly spin ideas, exchange ideas and perhaps even initiate joint action.

Top-class speakers from science and practice

An opportunity that you should not miss: Listen to exciting lectures by top-class, international speakers and discuss with them on the controversial topic of “New Business Models”!

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will hold a keynote about Cradle to Cradle & digitalization at 13:00h. He will also be part of the afternoon think tanks.

Language: German



Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

From 19 to 28 October 2018 the 17th edition of the Dutch Design Week (DDW) will take place in Eindhoven. DDW is the largest design event in Northern Europe and takes into account the connecting factor between design, technology and people. ABN AMRO, main sponsor of DDW, is organising an inspiring afternoon on Wednesday 24 October.

This year's theme of the ABN AMRO Sector event is "From Waste to Profit". How do you shape the future of your company? The world around you is renewing and changing faster and faster. How can design help you ensure that your business is creative and ahead of your competitors? How does design add value to your product or service and contribute to a closed loop economy?

The afternoon will begin with a plenary session in which Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will speak about his vision of Cradle to Cradle in a keynote at 2:35 pm.

Language: English


TOP Industry Forum - The sustainable company: Between economy and ecology

For some industrial companies it's just a cost block - for others it's firmly anchored responsibility and a solid pillar, also to meet economic demands: The issue of 'sustainability' polarises among production companies. No wonder, because often the prevailing opinion is that sustainable solutions require more effort in implementation than they offer great advantages. But that doesn't have to be the case!

At the TOP Industry Forum, the annual meeting of production companies, we will show you how you can increase the reputation and trust of your company brand and your profitability in terms of turnover and profit through the sustainable use of technical, energetic and human resources

On Wednesday, 24.10.2018, Prof. Braungart will give the keynote lecture "Jenseits von Nachhaltigkeit - Cradle to Cradle als Innovationschance" (Beyond Sustainability - Cradle to Cradle as Innovation Opportunity) at 7 p.m. in the evening, in which he will emphasize digitization as a prerequisite for material flow management without waste and explain the division into technical and biological nutrients for a positive footprint.

Language: German


29th Hanseatic Renovation Days, Heringsdorf, Germany

The 29th Hanseatic Renovation Days of the Federal Association of Humidity & Old Building Renovation will take place from 01.11. - 03.11.2018 in the Maritim Hotel "Kaiserhof" in Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom.

They stand under the topic "building materials in the focus - from Bambus to concrete".

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will hold a speech on Thursday, 01.11.2018 from 14:00 to 15:00 in section 1 "Building and visions" on the topic "C2C - ways to sustainability".

Info: The 29th Hanseatic Rehabilitation Days are a recognised continuing education event for the members of the following chambers and institutions: Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Architects and Engineers, Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), Hessen Chamber of Engineers, WTA Energy Consultants Denkmal, Hessen Chamber of Architects and Town Planners, Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Engineers, North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Architects, North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Engineers Construction North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavarian Chamber of Engineers Construction

Language: German