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"We do not want sustainability, because that is not enough. We want real quality."

Michael Braungart



Current Events


8. Immobilien-Dialog Region Stuttgart, Stuttgart

The 8th real estate dialog Stuttgart region takes you beyond the trodden paths: We are facing a paradigm shift. It's about the "Green Question", Europe's economic future, and the triumph of technology. How will industries, offices, logistics and living change? Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart holds the final presentation of the event. Find the program here. Language: German


Tagung "Kreislaufwirtschaft und Deponiewesen am Bau: Nachhaltig, bezahlbar und regional", München

The construction industry creates more than 50 percent of the generated waste in Germany. Already there are regional shortages of disposal capacity, particularly for mineral construction waste. The consequences are long transport routes, environmental impact and not least high costs. Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will give a lecture with the title: "Cradle to Cradle - vision of a waste-free construction industry". Find the program here. Language: German


RIBAJ – Cradle to Cradle Debate, London

Chaired by Rab Bennetts, co-founder, Bennetts Associates, the RIBAJ in association with AGC Glass Europe, Armstrong Ceilings, Mosa, MechoSystems and Shaw Contract Group, will host an afternoon conference that will help define and explain Cradle to Cradle and provide a context for its use in the built environment, interior design, and architectural sector. The afternoon will also investigate and outline the Cradle to Cradle business model and learn from those early adopters of the model and see how it works in other industries. Michael Braungart will be giving a keynote on his vision for design and how it can improve buildings and spaces. Language: English.


Studium Generale Tübingen: „Are We Still Friends? 50 Jahre deutsch-amerikanische Beziehungen”, Tübingen

The General Studies at the University of Tübingen
... seeks the science-driven discourse in contemporary issues
... deals with basic questions of human existence
... offers discussion beyond the limits of individual disciplines
... informs on substantive issues of general interest
... is dedicated to musical and sporting activities

Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart gives a lecture titled: "Cradle to Cradle - The different use of resources in Germany and USA." Language: German