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 Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart

"We do not want sustainability, because that is not enough. We want real quality."

Michael Braungart

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Prof. Michael Braungart Recieves Honorary Degree from Hasselt University

On May 28, 2013 the Faculty of Engineering Techonology, Hasselt University, bestowed a doctor honoris causa upon Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart in recognition of his pioneering work in the development of Cradle to Cradle and his constant efforts for a green economy.

Current Events


BioFach 2015, Nürnberg

Prof. Michael Braungart will be speaking at the world’s leading organic food fair in Nuremberg about Cradle to Cradle and its application for the design of products for the biological and technical metabolism. Prof. Braungart's speech at the Biofach fair is scheduled for 1-2pm on the 12th February 2015.